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Pan cleaning company offers Cleaning, Pest Control Service along with Repair and Maintenance for commercial and non-commercial sectors at the most reasonable and affordable price.


Pest Control Services

This service include for Residents and Commercials Establishments for On Call or AMC. The service includes controlling Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Rat, Lizards, and Birds. Pest Control Professionals meet the standards in training, screening and know-how to tackle or eradicate the Pest issue. These actions are performed both indoors and outdoors, on a schedule set by the examining infestation levels and subsequently approaching with the adequate measures.


Residential Cleaning

Housekeepers, we provide these services on a short contract basis; daily, weekly, and monthly to reduce the cost of running and maintaining the housekeepers or care takers, as you will not need to worry about visa cost, accommodation cost, transport cost, and other expenses. Housekeepers are trained and trusted; hence you can rest assured of getting quality housekeeping services.


Commercial Cleaning

Staff with adequate knowledge of industry that can fit and take care of daily routine with your subordinates, Staff can be suited for Hotels, Hospitals, Service Canteens, Guest Houses etc. They will be ideal for daily carpet care, front office, Office care taking manpower, lobby cleaning, taking stocks & Inventory.


Window Cleaning

Internal or External Window, Signage or Outer surface of Buidling, this cleaning process cover with the use of best practise in the industry to get dust proof. With specialized team of High Rise Building cleaning having latest technology.


Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Our maintenance professional will thoroughly service and maintain your property; we extend our services to the customers on their demand, but with innovative ideas to support and to fulfill customer needs and satisfaction. Our innovative ideas in implementing the projects are most helpful to the customers. Ranging from our different maintenance packages with routine maintenance either daily, weekly or monthly servicing. Ensuring that your pool is looked after regularly to achieve its hygiene and rich look.


Car Washing & Detailing

Car Detailing Services include washing interior and outer area including Car floor Carpets & Upholstery with shampoo Cleaning, Wheel Cap polishing, interior full body polishing and dusting. This service is time saving and convenient for customers, having professional approach with a rich look. Using best products and techniques protecting the coating.


Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning services restore the finish look and keep extend the life of your favourite furniture’s like sofa, chair, carpet or other upholstered furniture, also extended this care for Mattress of any size. We get your upholstery deep down clean and fresh, bringing back the vibrant colour and beauty via shampoo cleaning process. Providing right for any upholstered fabrics with latest machines. On request Blinds – curtains can be vacuumed with upmost care.


Floor Scrubbing and Polishing

Floor scrubbing and polishing services can be conducted on a wide array of hard floors, pressure washing and using appropriate chemical and machine scrubbing. Polishing floors will remove old scuff marks, repair light scratches, and restore a glossy shine.  If you have concrete, tiles, marble, stone, wood or vinyl flooring then PAN has the professional floor polishing team to meet your needs. By polishing your floors, we will help you increase their lifespan and lift their appearance which is essential for clean, bright and fresh looking premises.


Disinfection & Sanitization Services(Virus & Antibacterial Treatment)

For Home , Offices or Vehicles the Disinfectant Application process (irradiating against microscopic organism) involves the application of a biocide product/antibacterial solvent product via in the form of a spray of mist or Residual Spray to areas of your property/facilities which are contaminated or affected.The treatment is food safe, non-corrosive, non-staining and safe to use on surfaces such as soft metals, plastics and fabrics. As an environmental friendly chemical, usage of public space after immediate application.

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